Pest Risk and Preventive Conservation Theory The majority of this document was created by the Australian Museum's Collection Care and Conservation team.What is a pest? A pest is a living organism can cause damage to a material or structure. Any animal not acting as a pest but within the space may be an indicator of


Climate Adaptation

Climate change and risks for Australian cultural collections Maps and Workflows Resource AUTHORS Amanda Pagliarino Ainslee Meredith In 2020, Amanda Pagliarino and Ainslee Meredith published the climate projection and cultural heritage paper, Mapping climate change and risks for Australian cultural collections (AICCM Bulletin, Vol. 41/1, pp. 3-26). In this paper the climate

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Australian cultural heritage – significant reports and publications

AICCM maintains a PDF library of significant reports, resources and planning documents relating to Australian cultural heritage. Links to online sources are provided where possible. If unavailable online, please contact the Secretariat to obtain a copy.

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Paper Conservation

Welcome to the AICCM Paper Conservation wiki page. Here you can find information and articles about paper conservation.

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Sustainable Collections

Welcome to the AICCM Sustainable Collections Wiki page. Here you can find information on topics about making your collections more sustainable

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Education and Training

Welcome to the Education and Training Committee Wiki homepage Here you can find links and topics about Education and Training in a conservation setting.

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