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Paper Conservation

Welcome to the AICCM Paper Conservation wiki page. Here you can find information and articles about paper conservation.

Paper Conservation2020-09-04T12:48:38+10:00

Sustainable Collections

Welcome to the AICCM Sustainable Collections Wiki page. Here you can find information on topics about making your collections more sustainable

Sustainable Collections2020-09-04T12:46:39+10:00

Education and Training

Welcome to the Education and Training Committee Wiki homepage. Here you can find links and topics about Education and Training in a conservation setting.

Education and Training2020-09-04T12:44:00+10:00

Workplace skills

resume writing, writing a business plan, building your portfolio, taxation See also: Emerging Conservators SIG

Workplace skills2020-08-03T11:33:44+10:00


Traditional trade skills, craft skills, hands-on skills

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