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Sustainable Collections – Horizon Scanning

The terms horizon and environmental scanning are used interchangeably throughout business and the foresight literature. It refers to the systematic exploration, collection and interpretation of external information in an effort to identify trends and drivers of change and their impacts on the future. These drivers of change may be speculative or emerging issues with

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Sustainable Collections – Access and Engagement

Social Sustainability Looking at the practice of conservation in the last decades we have seen a major change from material-centred conservation to people-centred conservation. While the material, or the physical objects, remain essential as a conduit between past, present and future, hindsight proves that many cultural objects and cultural sites are dependent on public engagement

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Training and Development

Conservation training and development Become a Conservator Mid-Career Training Opportunities International Conservation Training

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International Conservation Organisations

American Institute for Conservation (AIC) The AIC is the professional body for conservators working in the USA. Canadian Conservation Institute CCI was created in 1972 to promote the proper care and preservation of Canadian moveable cultural heritage and to advance the practice, science, and technology of conservation. Canadian Association for Conservation for Cultural Property CAC

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Mid-Career Training Opportunities

These organisations offer short courses in specialised areas, aimed at practising conservators looking to enhance their skills. Gold Street Studios (Australia) Gold Street Studios offers workshops to those wishing to understand and enjoy the art, craft and science of traditional, alternative and historic photographic processes from professional instructors. Located in Trentham East, Victoria, Australia. The

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Sustainable Collections

Sustainability and resilience have become key concerns in contemporary society. The effects of human impacts on the environment and increasing weather extremes, reduced energy security in an increasingly technologically-reliant world, and economic pressures as local and global networks transition to new infrastructure and social systems have become direct concerns for those responsible for collections care.

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Sustainable Collections – Resourcing

Economic Sustainability Economic sustainability refers to operating in a resource efficient manner that supports social and environmental health. Given that governments have played a leading role in funding cultural heritage preservation in Australia, an awareness of and engagement in discussions about funding, investment and ‘value’ more broadly is a critical. There are a range of

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Sustainable Collections – Greening

Greening Conservation Practice Greening conservation practice involves utilising less environmentally destructive chemicals, materials and methods in conservation. These include prioritising water-based cleaning systems; solvents with reduced toxicity such as alcohols (methanol, ethanol) and alkanes (heptane, hexane); reusable or recycled tools and packaging; glass instead of single-use plastic; and replacing disposal towels and blotters with

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Conservation Supplies

Our online list of specialist suppliers will help you locate hard-to-find materials, tools and services. If you have a favourite product or supplier, please add them to the list. Acrylic Display Industries Exhibition supports, crates and related services Able to construct acrylic boxes to specification for wall-mounted and case displays. Tydewi Bindery S. J. Howard,

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