Australia is experiencing an increasing number of natural disasters, some truly devastating in their impact. While there are some disasters that we can’t prevent, we can reduce their impact on our collections by:

  • Practicing risk reduction
  • Focusing on disaster preparedness
  • Reviewing policies
  • Developing resilient communities

AICCM has developed a Disaster Preparedness Calendar to help cultural organisations act in a timely manner and be prepared for the hazards prominent in their region.

How to use the Calendar

The AICCM Disaster Preparedness Calendar is designed to assist cultural organisations in being more prepared for the types of disasters likely to impact their region.  Take a moment to look through the calendar, you will see various reminders on specific dates throughout the year.  Some of these are annual, such as changing the batteries in your smoke detector, others are more frequent, such as clearing gutters.  These activities can help keep you and your organisation be ready to respond to emergencies that might strike your locality.

Using the stickers

The calendar comes with a series of stickers which allow you to add reminders for activities specific to your region.  For example, for bushfire prone areas add the bushfire sticker to the calendar a week before bushfire season to prompt bushfire preventive preparations.

We suggest that you

  • Connect with key people in your organisation
  • Discuss threats to your region and organisation that happen over the year.
    • Is there a wet season?
    • Is there a time of year when storms are likely to occur?
    • When does your bushfire season begin (your state/territory fire service will have information about this on their website)?
  • If you’ve already had to deal with a major event, how did you respond? Was there anything you could have done, or did do, to prepare?
  • Use the stickers to highlight seasonal dates on the calendar to remind your organisation to take action and prevent or reduce the disaster’s impact.

Positioning the calendar

Find a central location for the calendar, perhaps a pin up board in the lunchroom, or near a meeting table. It is best positioned somewhere where it can be seen by as many people as possible. Feel free to add other reminders to it, the more it is used, the more useful it will become.

Accessing the Calendar

We have both physical and electronic versions of our calendar.

You can download the pdf version here or clicking on the images below. It is designed to be printed double sided, A2 size. Contact local printers for advice on printing.

Alternatively you can request a copy of the limited print version here.

Don’t forget that the AICCM has disaster preparedness resources to help your organisation Be Prepared.