AICCM Conservation Talks and Webinars

Vicki Couzens: Kooramook Yakeen: Possum Dreaming

For our next webinar, AICCM Emerging Conservators x SC@M are honoured to host Dr Vicki Couzens of the Keerray Wooroong language group of the Gunditjmara of Western Victoria. Vicki has worked to regenerate and promote Victorian indigenous culture for over 40 years, earning her national recognition as a fellow of the Australian Council of the Arts. She will speak about her artistic practice, traditional culture, and work with museums and government. Vicki’s perspective provides unique insight into how local indigenous culture is managed and represented by major institutions.

Artist interviews for conservation with Voices in Contemporary Art (VoCA)

We’re thrilled to be hosting VoCA’s first online webinar! A leading nonprofit organisation, Voices in Contemporary Art (VoCA) advances artist-centred practices in the research, presentation, and preservation of contemporary art.

Join Kate Lewis, Chief Conservator at MoMA and VoCA Board Member, Chad Alligood, Vice President of VoCA programs, and Lauren Shadford, Executive Director of VoCA, to hear about VoCA’s artist interview workshops and learn practical steps on how interactions with artists can aid your conservation practice.

Build Your Online Portfolio

What does it take to build a great online conservation portfolio? We’ve asked Jennifer Myers, an upcoming graduate in paintings conservation from the Winterthur/University of Delaware program, for her tips and tricks from the USA.
Learn about:
– Purpose(s) of the portfolio
– Content ideas and thoughts
– Access and options for projects with sensitive information
– Types of platforms and examples
– Beginners tips and tricks learned from (my own) experience

Tools of the Trade—UVF & IRR digital imaging

Want to build your own portable imaging kit? Join our third instalment of the AICCM x SC@M webinar series. Get the lowdown from conservator Amelia O’Donnell on sourcing non-specialist Ultraviolet Fluorescence (UVF) and Infrared Reflectography (IRR) equipment online.

Make Your Own Conservation Videos

In our second AICCM x SC@M webinar, learn to make high-quality conservation videos with digital curator Kate Pentecost! Presented in two parts, discover the fundamentals of making click-worthy content then put it into practice and shoot your own.

Conservation in Social Media

Join conservator Lucilla Ronai for our first AICCM x SC@M webinar as she discusses creating content, connecting with colleagues and learn about the must-have channels for conservators.

AICCM Conservation Talks: Opportunities Abroad

In July 2019, AICCM NSW Division hosted an evening of talks by conservators on professional opportunities overseas. The event was held a the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Conservator Lucilla Ronai discusses her trip to the United States of America, visiting conservation laboratories along the east coast and reviews the AIC Annual Meeting 2019.

Colin MacGregor speaks about the recent Icon Triennial International held in Belfast, Northern Ireland with the theme ‘New Perspectives: Contemporary Conservation Thinking and Practice’

Conservator Nick Flood shares insights from his recent trip to the Getty Conservation Institute to attend a week long workshop on Surface Treatment Strategies for Outdoor Painted Sculpture.