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The AICCM Bulletin

The AICCM Bulletin is a hard copy and online peer reviewed journal produced by the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) since 1975. In order to better reach our international audience AICCM has recently partnered with Taylor & Francis to provide our online publishing service. The Taylor & Francis Group publishes quality peer-reviewed journals under the Routledge and Taylor & Francis imprints which are available online at their website.
The AICCM Bulletin publishes original and quality papers, including research reports, discussion papers, literature surveys, thematic bibliographies, summaries of research papers and dissertations.Find out more about the AICCM Bulletin

President's Report December 2021

President’s Report December 2021

Somehow, it’s nearly the end of 2021! And despite everything (ongoing global pandemics, etc.) it’s also been an amazingly productive year, with AICCM members organising and participating in a multitude of programs and events. Channelling some Christmas spirit, here are 12 of my favourites (partridges in pear trees and golden rings notwithstanding, and in no particular order). 1: Disaster Preparedness In October, AICCM hosted multiple events centred around International Disaster Preparedness Day. These included the launch of the AICCM’s inaugural Disaster Preparedness Calendar, developed and delivered by our wonderful Disaster Preparedness Committee. This resource was generously sponsored by Blue Shield, ...

AICCM Conference Proceedings (Members only)

At the AICCM National Conference 2019, we invite you to consider how we make our profession. Broadly divided into three themes – making conservation sustainable, innovative and connected – we want to know what excites you, what challenges you, and what you want to discuss further. Find out more about the AICCM Conference Proceedings

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