The South Australia and Northern Territory Division covers a vast and diverse geographic area of temperate, arid and tropical climates from the central southern coast to the central desert up to the northern coasts of Australia. Our members in public and private practice conserve and support the care of our cultural heritage in our city, regional and remote area environments. We collectively foster best practice through regular meetings, demonstrations, workshops, seminars and public programs

The current council consists of:

  • President: Lisa Nolan (MAGNT)
  • Secretary: Roberto Padoan (Artlab)
  • Treasurer: Jo Dawe (Artlab)
  • Ordinary Members:
    • Mary-Anne Gooden (Artlab)
    • Rosie Heysen (Artlab)
    • Stuart Fuller (Artlab)
    • Filipa Quintela (Artlab)
    • Heather Brown (Artlab)
    • Megan Sypek (Artlab)

Frequency of meetings:

The council meets about 4 times a year at Artlab Australia in South Australia with Northern Territory member’s connecting via an online video platform.


Current activities have ceased due to Covid 19 restrictions. We are planning an exciting schedule for 2021.


If you would like to get involved with the division or have any questions you can contact us here.

Email the SA/NT President here

Conservation of Bark Painting