Workplace skills

resume writing, writing a business plan, building your portfolio, taxation See also: Emerging Conservators SIG

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Traditional trade skills, craft skills, hands-on skills. Skills are listed alphabetically along with training and workshops opportunities. The courses listed below are suggestions only for conservation skills development. The AICCM does not have any financial or other interests in any of these courses. The Education and Training Committee strongly recommends that you undertake personal research


Sustainable Collections – 06 – Horizon Scanning

The terms horizon and environmental scanning are used interchangeably throughout business and the foresight literature. It refers to the systematic exploration, collection and interpretation of external information in an effort to identify trends and drivers of change and their impacts on the future. These drivers of change may be speculative or emerging issues

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Sustainable Collections – 05 – Access and Engagement

Social and Cultural Sustainability Looking at the practice of conservation in the last decades we have seen a major change from material-centred conservation to people-centred conservation. While the material, or the physical objects, remain essential as a conduit between past, present and future, hindsight proves that many cultural objects and cultural sites are dependent

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Sustainable Collections – 04 – Preservation Environments

Temperature and Relative Humidity (RH) Controlling the temperature and RH of collections spaces are critical to preventive conservation of collections. Maintaining appropriate levels can care for collections in a cost effective, passive, and sustainable method. Reducing energy use is important as both a mitigation and adaptation method for cultural collections – bringing down costs, lowering

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Training and Development

Conservation training and development Become a Conservator Mid-Career Training Opportunities International Conservation Training

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