The AICCM hosts a range of events including workshops, symposia and conferences. We engage with industry partners to offer trade tables, advertising, session sponsors and student bursaries at these events. We offer sponsorship packages tailored to your budget and needs.


Advertising is available in both our major publications which are the AICCM Bulletin and the e-News. The Bulletin is published twice a year and available in hard-copy, while the e-News is published quarterly.


The AICCM does advocacy work across all areas of conservation. Most of this is completed by volunteers through a range of Committees, Special Interest Groups and State Divisions. If there is an area that is of interest to you please let us know.

Financial Support

You may wish to support the AICCM and its work in promoting conservation. Please join as a member (any one can join!) or if you would like to make a donation we would appreciate that too. You can join here or donate here.

Write for us

We love to share your research and writing with the world. We have the peer-reviewed Bulletin, quarterly e-News, and the WIKI for all writing styles and to reach all audiences.

The banner image is of the Boulder Town hall and has been generously supplied by AICCM member City of Kalgoorlie Boulder.