The Preventive Conservation Special Interest Group (SIG) represents the interests of those who work with the storage and display environment for collections as a whole. Preventive conservation issues include environmental monitoring and analysis, disaster and risk management, pest management, storage and rehousing, and preservation planning.

Rehan Scharenguivel

Rehan Scharenguivel (they/them) is the Collection Care Conservator for the Australian Museum, coordinating the Museum’s IPM and environmental systems and other preventive programs, including pollutants, vibration and light management. They have a keen interest in data analytics of pest information and exploring treatment options for cultural and scientific material. They have worked on several collaborative projects across cultural institutions and look forward to being able to facilitate more in the future. Connect with Rehan on Linkedin

Jessica Gray-Hart
Jessica Gray-Hart (she/her) is the Preventive Conservator at the Art Gallery of NSW. Jessica specialises in preventive conservation and manages the Gallery’s integrated pest management and environmental monitoring programs, as well as other preventive programs including disaster preparedness and response and management of hazardous material in the collection. She is interested in data analysis and communication, and sustainability in the museum sector. Connect with Jessica on Linkedin

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