AICCM Strategic Plan 2016-2020


The Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) is a not-for-profit organisation concerned with the conservation, preservation, research of, and access to Australia’s tangible and intangible cultural, historical and scientific heritage. Since 1973, the AICCM has actively worked to promote the long-term care of Australia’s heritage in recognition of the role that it plays in developing and enhancing our national, community and familial identities.

The AICCM is committed to preserving Australia’s heritage as a resource for present and future generations. We recognise the knowledge, skills and stories that our heritage embodies, and its role in creating a vibrant, rich and resilient society. We research and care for objects, artworks, documents and digital media of cultural, social, scientific and personal significance from the past and present and acknowledge these as agents of memory, inspiration, information, evidence and discovery through which personal and collective stories are told through time. Download AICCM’s full 2016-2020 Strategic Plan here.

The conservation of Australia’s shared cultural, historical and scientific heritage through strong professional conservation practice and public engagement

To maximise members’ contribution to conserving the nation’s heritage through programs of communication, professional education, advocacy and project support


We value the input of colleagues and a participative approach to carrying out our work

We recognise differences, value diversity and regard the needs and desires for whom we carry out work

We care deeply about the work we do and seek to share our knowledge and excitement with others interested in cultural heritage

We conduct our conservation work through a Code of Ethics and ascribe to on-going professional development

We seek to be responsible with our resources and explain the social, cultural and economic value of the work that we do


1. A sustainable organisation

2. Increase relevance in an evolving industry

3. Member services


A sustainable organisation

1.1 Understand and satisfy membership base

1.2 Build fundraising and marketing capability

1.3 Build capacity in AICCM volunteer program through succession planning and project-based opportunities

1.4 Develop Secretariat position into Executive Officer role with suitable remuneration

1.5 Ensure governance and structure are relevant

Increase relevance in an evolving industry

2.1 Improve advocacy – deliver positive messages and cultivate a climate of support through targeted partnerships

2.2 Plan for the conservation of our digital future

2.3 Develop projects to support key development areas including regional outreach, disaster preparedness and sustainable collections management

2.4 Support emerging professionals and student members

Member services

3.1 Use opportunities for communication through new technologies

3.2 Peer reviewed publications and awards

3.3 Value and promote our Professional Members

3.4 Create opportunities for professional development and fellowship

Download AICCM’s full 2016-2020 Strategic Plan here

Previous Strategic Plans

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