This award, formally known as the AICCM Hall of Fame, recognises career long contributors to Conservation and acknowledges skills sharing across levels of seniority ensuring that skills are not lost from the profession.

Cheryl Jackson

Cheryl Jackson, Conservator of Photographic and Paper Materials

The AICCM medal is to acknowledge Cheryl who has worked as a dedicated and passionate conservator for an extensive 40-year career. She has cared for countless collections at National cultural institutions across Canberra. Cheryl is one of the leading photograph conservators in Australia with unique knowledge and skills which she generously shares while promoting the specialisation. Through her down-to-earth, practical teaching style, she has mentored conservation students and conservators across Australia. She has also built strong networks across the world through the delivery of and participation in workshops and training opportunities in Fiji, Cuba and the USA. She has been involved with AICCM throughout her career and has made a sustained contribution to the conservation profession.

Christine Ianna

The AICCM medal is to acknowledge Christine as a leader for close to forty years in the field of metals conservation, preventive conservation and disaster preparedness and response. She has held conservation positions at the Queensland Museum, Queensland State Archives and State Library of Queensland. Christine has continuously shared conservation knowledge, skills and provided mentorship widely throughout the museums and galleries sector and within local communities — not only through her public service work, but also as a specialist in competency-based training in the preservation and conservation of cultural objects. Her work in disaster preparedness and recovery is particularly impressive, with many professionals and communities benefiting from her outreach.

Ian MacLeod

Dr Ian D MacLeod

The AICCM medal is to acknowledge Ian’s long history in the profession, even after his retirement as Executive Director of the Western Australian Museum. Ian has been a member of the AICCM since 1978, and he continues to research, publish and present. He conducts applied conservation research in Turkey and Bulgaria as well as Australia, and provides collection management advice to not-for-profit organisations. Ian has an astonishing publication history which includes writing and editing on a diverse range of topics including climate management for collections, in-situ corrosion control assessment in historic shipwrecks, and the decay mechanisms of Aboriginal rock art in the Murujuga National Park. He also works extensively with allied professionals and fundraises to assist emerging corrosion scientists worldwide.

Robyn Sloggett

The AICCM medal is to acknowledge Robyn’s international work as an expert in cultural materials conservation. Her sustained commitment to teaching, research and community-engaged research has contributed hugely to the conservation profession. Robyn pioneered the development of cultural materials conservation programs at the University of Melbourne, as a discipline through the Grimwade Centre’s academic programs, and as a commercial hub through Grimwade Conservation Services. Her work in community conservation programs includes partnerships with Indigenous communities and with remote, rural and regional organisations across Australia. Robyn’s inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural work has been transformative for the Australian conservation sector.