The AICCM Development Committee was established in 2015. The Development Committee has grown significantly since its inception, bringing together expertise from around the country and introducing the role of AICCM Development Officer.


To identify, secure and manage financial and in-kind support for AICCM activities that contribute to the development of the profession, the capacity of its members and the preservation of cultural materials.


The AICCM Development Committee’s key objective is to secure a level of financial sustainability for the organisation through the strategic planning, execution and administration of fundraising programs.

  • Develop appropriate strategy and policy that seeks support and/or partnerships from a suitably diverse range of funding streams and audiences to ensure fiscal viability and long-term security.
  • Build and grow funding programs that meet the objectives of the organisation.
  • Nurture a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization ensuring that all donors of time and money are respected and honored.
  • Manage the development and disbursement of fund accounts.