There’s lots of opportunities to advertise with us and reach both public and industry audiences. We accept advertising for both print and online publications – have a look at the possibilities below.

  • Packages
  • Online advertising
  • Print Advertisements
  • We have a range of web and social media advertising packages to suit your needs.

National eNews advertising

The National eNews is an excellent forum for advertising. It reaches a large audience in addition to AICCM membership, and is now delivered electronically allowing you to link directly to your own website from our EDM. It provides immediate opportunity for readers to explore your product range or service which gives you a better chance to convert their interest into a sale. Advertising in the e-News offers flexibility in that adverts can be positioned alongside related articles and can easily accommodate advertorial content as well.

Job advertisements and Tender Notifications

Do you have a current vacancy and would like to recruit a conservator or allied trade professional or have a Tender Notification you’d like to advertise? We have over 600 members working in a range of capacities in all the main cultural organisations and specialty areas as well as private practice.

Our members receive direct emails for job listings and tender notifications ensuring your advert is delivered direct to this audience. We can boost and support your recruitment using our social media channels.

Information on how to advertise jobs here

Conservation and museum services

Are you a supplier of services to the gallery and museum sector? Consider one of our online promotion packages – we offer two premium Home page tiles for long term advertisers. If you want your name up front and centre on every page of our website, this option is for you.

We also offer Home page slideshow packages which offer economy and sustained exposure across the website. Both packages can be boosted with AICCM Facebook banner advertising and boosted posts taking your product or service to a broader audience.


Planning a product launch? Tour of your facility? Consider advertising your event with us – we have a range of options including Home page slideshow, website coverage of your event, advertorial articles and social media support and promotion.

All AICCM events are promoted free of charge online and via social media channels.

Print advertisements

Advertisements for events, jobs and commercial suppliers of conservation materials can be placed in The Bulletin and reaches a diverse international audience in addition to our membership.

In general, print adverts are considered to have greater longevity and carry a different type of authority than those online. If you are looking for increased market penetration, consider advertising in print. Taylor Francis Publishing manage advertisements for The Bulletin and can explain timeframes and advertising criteria, so visit their website or email them here.

Advertisements for AICCM events and other events of interest to members, at the discretion of the editor, are free of charge.

Interested? Email the Secretariat