2013 Outstanding Promotion of Conservators and Conservation (Institution award): National Museum of Australia

The National Museum Australia has consistently recognised and valued the work of conservators by presenting exhibitions and public programs that showcase the important role of its conservation section. In the past year this has included: a special temporary exhibition, Museum Workshop: The Art, Science and Craft of the Conservator  (25 October 2012 to 28 January 2013), designed to bring the conservation lab into the exhibition space so that visitors may engage first-hand with conservators and their work; and a public program series, Door to Store: Caring for your Collection, through which conservators have demonstrated and discussed how museum objects are cared for and provided advise on caring for collections in the home.

The exhibition Museum Workshop: The Art, Science and Craft of the Conservator was the first major exhibition in Australia to focus solely on and demonstrate the work that conservators do within a museum context. This exhibition provided public exposure to the field of conservation and fostered appreciation of the work of conservators.

This award was collected by Vicki Humphrey
This award was framed by Sophie Brown Conservation Framing, Sydney

2013 Media Support and Coverage of Conservation: Ian Warden, Canberra Times

Ian is always willing to provide colourful and engaging coverage of a conservation-related story. For example in his piece Queen tested in trial by fire he reported on a fire simulation exercise held in August 2012. In reporting he took time to interview all those involved and was willing to stand around in the cold for two hours until we could enter the fire-ravaged container. The resulting story was great publicity for conservation. He is covered many conservation stories in recent years – and always in a positive light.

Ian’s award was accepted by Ian Batterham
Ian’s award was framed by Art Conservation Framers, Melbourne

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