Fade Testing and Exhibiting Photographic Material

We are privileged to have microfading testing expert Bruce Ford give a talk titled ‘Fade Testing and Exhibiting Photographic Material’. In this session Bruce will introduce the scientific and institutional aspects of light-exposure guidelines and the application of the accelerated light exposure microfade test (MFT) method, in this instance to photographic material. Bruce will speak to the photochemistry and lightfastness of various examples of cultural materials from magic lantern slides and salted prints to contemporary photographic prints. See https://www.microfading.com for a basic introduction to the method and its application.

What’s a Darkroom? – Growing up in Photo Conservation

Our first speaker is esteemed photographic conservator Cheryl Jackson (Senior Conservator, Preservation for Digitisation, National Library of Australia). In this session called ‘What’s a Darkroom? – Growing up in Photo Conservation’, Cheryl will talk about the changing nature of photographic conservation in Australia over the last 30 years. She’ll tell us about the changing nature of her approach to photographic conservation, some successful treatments, and a maybe a (recoverable!!!) failure.