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Events and Webinars

AICCM organises a number of events for its members. The AICCM hosts Conservation Talks and Webinars. You can find previously recorded content here A quick resource for finding upcoming AICCM events Find a list of upcoming AICCM events Find a list of past AICCM events until 2015 AICCM

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AICCM Conservation Talks and Webinars Vicki Couzens: Kooramook Yakeen: Possum Dreaming For our next webinar, AICCM Emerging Conservators x SC@M are honoured to host Dr Vicki Couzens of the Keerray Wooroong language group of the Gunditjmara of Western Victoria. Vicki has worked to regenerate and promote Victorian indigenous culture for over


ADFAS Mid-career Scholarship Awardees

2019 ADFAS MID-CAREER SCHOLAR Elizabeth McCartney Manager, Conservation at Museums Victoria. Elizabeth has been awarded the scholarship to attend the course ‘Conservation and Repair of Architectural and Structural Metalwork’ at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation (UK) in February 2020.  West Dean College is an internationally recognised and widely respected conservation education institution. 

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ADFAS Mid-career Scholarship Application

Applications for the ADFAS Mid-career Scholarship are now open. The award is made possible by the support of ADFAS (Association of Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) for conservation in Australia through the Patricia Robertson Fund (PRF). In 2020, ADFAS is offering one award of $2000 for a mid-career conservator with minimum ten years

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Overcleaned Silver

What's this? A silver-plated serving dish. What's happened? Silver plate is generally a thin layer covering another metal such as nickel. Silver cleaners are often mildly abrasive in nature and so gradually wear away at the thin silver coating, exposing the base metal beneath. Also, silver tarnish (silver sulphide) contains particles of the original

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Unstable Dyes

What's this? This before and after image shows the results of displaying photographs obtained from unknown sources. What's happened? There are a wide variety of image printing materials on the market today and unfortunately many are unsuitable for permanent display, as shown by the example. It is often impossible to tell by inspection just which pictures

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What's this? A lithograph by Camille Pissarro, printed on Dutch handmade laid paper. What’s happened? A bleach (possibly a commercial household bleach) has been used in the past to lighten the effect of foxing spots. The yellowing around the edges of the print is due to prolonged contact with an acidic window mount. A


Failing Adhesive

What's this? An archaeological pot broken into many pieces had been repaired, but the repair is failing causing the pot to slump. What’s happened? The adhesive joins have failed due to the high temperature where the pot was displayed. In this instance the room temperature has exceeded the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the

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Sticky tape #2

What's this? A certificate of discharge from WW2, Australian, on heavyweight machine-made paper. What's happened? The document has been folded and unfolded many times in its life, leading to breakage of paper fibres along the fold lines, and separation of the document into multiple pieces. Rubber-based self-adhesive tape (sticky tape) was applied some time

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Plywood Backing

What is it? An historic map of the Lane Cove district was mounted onto plywood decades ago and subsequently placed on display in an historic house. What's happened? The chemicals in the plywood have darkened and stained the paper, which has become desiccated and brittle. Can the damage be repaired? In this case, the

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