2021 – Asti Sherring

Asti has been working in the conservation sector for ten years and held the first Time-Based Art Conservator role in Australia. Her research and advocacy in time based art conservation has significantly impacted the Australian conservation profession. Asti’s passion, willingness and enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, and her tireless promotion has ensured she is a leader in developing the specialisation both within Australia and internationally.

Asti has contributed to international discourse and literature on time based art conservation. Her research engages with cultural heritage professionals working in conservation, registration, curatorial, digital preservation, information and records management and exhibitions. The results have been disseminated through her publication titled Divergent conservation: cultural sector opportunities and challenges to the development of time-based art conservation in Australasia. Asti has also presented and published extensively, putting Australian conservation, and time-based art conservation, on the world stage.

2021 – Rosemary Goodall

Conservator Rosemary Goodall testing object. Image courtesy Rod Start, Museums Victoria

Dr Rosemary Goodall has worked as Materials Scientist at Museums Victoria for the past decade. During that time her research and internal application of its findings revolutionised the Museum’s understanding of hazardous materials in the vast collection, and of the associated health and safety concerns.

Her colleagues say: “her approach to materials analysis is inquisitive, forensic, and always driven by a desire to meet the diverse needs of conservators, curators and the public, and ultimately improves preservation of cultural material in a safe way.” Her colleagues acknowledge her unwavering generosity with her time and expertise.

Rosemary’s recent publication, co-authored with Danielle Measday, titled Measuring and mitigating mercury vapour in collection cabinets at Museums Victoria is of huge importance to the Australian conservation profession.

Her contributions to the field of research in conservation will be lasting through her extensive publications and presentations, and generous sharing of knowledge.

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