The Conservation Centre, New York University

The Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, located in the Stephen Chan House offers a four-year program that combines practical experience in conservation with historical, archaeological, curatorial, and scientific studies of the materials and construction of works of art. Students undertake research projects, laboratory work, seminars, and gain intensive conservation experience through advanced fieldwork and an internship.

West Dean College – UK

In conjunction with the University of Sussex, West Dean College offers Diploma and MA courses in the conservation of book and library material, ceramics, metalwork and furniture.

Art Conservation at the University of Delaware – USA

The Art Conservation Department at the University of Delaware administers both an undergraduate and graduate program, the latter in collaboration with Winterthur Museum and Country Estate. A Ph.D program in Preservation Studies is administered by the Center for Material Culture Studies at the University.

Camberwell College of the Arts, London

Courses offered at Camberwell College of the Arts include a undergraduate, postgraduate and Masters programs in materials conservation.

Buffalo State University of New York

The Buffalo State University program offers degrees in conservation of paintings, paper, objects, or in a sub-specialty within one of these broad categories (e.g. photographs, textiles, books, etc.). The first two years of the program involve intensive course, laboratory and studio work at Buffalo State College. The third and final year of the program consists of a year-long internship at a museum, institution, or private practice. At the end of the internship year, students return to campus for a presentation, at which time they receive both the MA degree as well as the CAS (Certificate of Advanced Study).

Northumbria University

In the Fine Art Conservation MA, students follow one of two possible strands through the program leading to a specialism in either easel paintings or works of art on paper. Students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge with which to enter the conservation profession as trainee or assistant conservators in situations where they can work alongside an experienced practitioner.