Loong Conservation Project

Penny Tripp, Dr Holly Jones-Amin, Marica Mucic, Dr Evan Tindal, Dr Reyhane Mirabootalebi, Tina Kalliakmanis, Ellie Bernard, Jordi Casasayas, Lisa Yeats, Peter Mitchelson, Camielle Fitzmaurice, Jingwen Wang, Isabel Walker, Gemma Ghoukkassian, Larry Edwards, Gabriel Garde, John Morrison & Jude Schahinger.

Image courtesy of Grimwade Conservation Services. Photo by Paul Burston.

Over 12 months the team working on the Loong Conservation Project delivered over 1500 hours of treatment alongside Bendigo Chinese Association community members to preserve a culturally significant processional dragon on permanent display at the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo. The scale and complexity of the item being treated was impressive as it measured more than 40 metres long! The treatment produced excellent results and involved treatment innovations. The most impressive part of the project was the incredible community involvement and collaboration, respect for past interventions, focus on student mentoring and huge amount of public exposure.