David Stein: The Stella Project

Four recipients of award standing together for photo

Outstanding Conservation Treatment 2019 awardee David Stein and team. Copyright 2019 Katrina Watson: Square Inch Photography

This year’s award goes to David Stein for The Stella Project. David Stein and his team worked on large-scale sculptural paintings by Frank Stella in Grosvenor Place, Sydney. The two-year project involved onsite assessment and treatment of the artworks in situ in the lobby of Grosvenor Place; regular ongoing monitoring of the artworks and environmental conditions; communication and interviews with the artist; and analysis of paint samples and dust from the busy George St site.

The busy corporate lobby sees up to 3500 people pass through every day, and conservators have had the privilege to discuss conservation with the Seidler family and visitors, and to give talks on the project for Sydney Contemporary art fair.

The treatment also involved a significant amount of collaboration. Including the team of conservators and interns at David Stein and Co, conservator Andrew Durham, the Seidler family, the artist Frank Stella and his studio assistant, and Grosvenor Place Management.