This award, formally known as the AICCM Hall of Fame, recognises career long contributors to Conservation and acknowledges skills sharing across levels of seniority ensuring that skills are not lost from the profession.

2020 – Kay Soderlund

Kay Soderlund

Kay Soderlund

The AICCM Medal is not often awarded, but this year we have the great honour of presenting it to Kay Soderlund. Kay has contributed an enormous amount to our profession; she was one of the founding members of ICS, and established Conservation Resources and Preservation Australia. Through these businesses Kay provided essential conservation services to clients and imported tools and materials into Australia to support others in the profession.

Kay recognised the importance of preventive conservation from early on in her career, contributing to many resources that conservators rely on such as the Preservation Needs Template and Be Prepared. She has also volunteered for many roles within AICCM, including National President from 2009 to 2012.

Throughout her career Kay has mentored staff, interns, volunteers, and emerging conservators. She has delivered countless workshops to community groups and regional museums. Kay has consistently shared her skills, knowledge and understanding with others, with incalculable benefits to the preservation of Australian heritage and culture.