The Objects Special Interest Group (SIG) encompasses the conservation of a broad range of three-dimensional cultural and historic material.

Media and objects include:

  • Australian Indigenous materials
  • Contemporary art
  • Traditional sculpture
  • Outdoor sculpture
  • Ceramics and glass
  • Metals
  • Kinetic art
  • Furniture
  • First People’s cultural materials
  • Social history
  • Natural sciences
  • Plastics and modern materials
  • Decorative arts
  • Archaeological materials
  • Technology
  • Functional objects

Objects conservators may be generalists, working across many different materials and types of objects, or may practice a more focused specialisation. Because of the wide diversity and variability of three-dimensional objects, conservators in this area are innovative, creative and resourceful in their approaches preserving both the physical and intangible character of historic and cultural materials. Objects conservators undertake research, documentation, analysis and interventive treatment of artefacts. They also consider preventive issues, such as appropriate storage, handling, display and use for individual objects and across wider object collections.

SIG members include conservators employed at museums, galleries, private practices, regional centres, universities, and training programs. The group also welcomes students engaging in conservation, collection management and other related education.

The Objects SIG convenor is Kasi Albert – Museum of Contemporary Art Australia