Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 134 June 2016

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery


On 29 April 2016 the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery celebrated its 125th birthday. To commemorate this milestone an exhibition showcasing early collections of science, art and history alongside contemporary artworks was opened. Amy Bartlett treated, mounted and framed historical artworks and scientific drawings for display in the exhibition The World Inside: 125 years of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. Amy has also condition reported incoming traveling exhibition William Kentridge: Drawn from Africa from the National Gallery of Australia.


Amy Bartlett has been busy preparing outward loans this year. Kevin Lincoln’s Self Portrait 2004 was loaned to the Art Gallery of Ballarat for their exhibition titled Kevin Lincoln: The Eye’s Mind. She also treated, mounted and framed posters for an exhibition Printed Stuff at the Scotch Oakburn s.p.a.c.e. Gallery. Treatment included cleaning, flattening and repairing tears. Amy is currently completing the work for a large outward loan to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Galley for the Tempest exhibition. The loan includes a number of paintings and works on paper that portrays themes from the Shakespearean play of the same name.