Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 162 December 2023
Joshua Loke; Emily May; Jonathan van Toor; Lauren Wolfram; Misty Wade; Holly Brown.

Scroll is a journal supported by the Student Conservators at Melbourne (SC@M). It is a platform for students and emerging heritage professionals to talk about cultural materials, their study and preservation.


The editors invite AICCM members to download Scroll Vol. 3, which includes a foreword by Bella Lipson and Belle Williams, Co-Convenors, AICCM Emerging Conservators SIG. The volume features 13 submissions that are informative and thought-provoking, as follows:

  • Vicki Car, ‘Welcome to the Lucky Country: Navigating the complex cultural histories of immigrant, diasporic, and refugee communities’.
  • Rachel Davis, ‘Single objects, many stories: Sharing history as conservation’.
  • Sejal Goel, ‘All that glitters is a nightmare: Conserving pride at the Missouri History Museum’.
  • Emma Dacey, ‘Herbarium of Australian flora: Cyanotypes inspired by the history of photographic and botanic science’.
  • Fergus Patterson, ‘Old problems, new solutions: Conservation in rural Australia’.
  • Emma Ward, ‘Long live the dragons of Big Gold Mountain: Negotiating reflexive care of Chinese living heritage in Bendigo’.
  • Madeline Davies, ‘80 people, 7 sites, 3 days: Reflecting on APTCCARN 6 with the minds behind the ambitious program’.
  • Isabella Wessel, ‘On exhibitionary silences: Museums and conserving sexual heritage’.
  • Kirralee Robinson, ‘What does an ecofeminist mount look like? Implications of ecofeminism in contemporary collection management’.
  • Melanie Melnychuk, ‘Golden fields and azure skies: Dedications to a faraway homeland’.
  • Anthi Soulioti, ‘Treating artworks by living artists: The precariousness of co-creating legacies’.
  • Yuhong Zhang, ‘Five methods for matting works on paper: A brief introduction’.
  • Fen Reyes, ‘Secrets of the mountains: Reflections on family heritage, personal identity, project management and mummies’.

Please use the following link to access the publication:

The editors wish to thank Scroll contributors for trusting us to share their inspiring work.