Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 144 December 2018

In 2018, SC@M upped the ante to provide students with new workshops, excursions, a mentorship program, and of course the all-important biscuits for the tearoom. On top of that we held a number of social events promoting collegiality within the student cohort, and raised $750 for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in conjunction with our friends, Students Conservators for Timor-Leste.

In September, students took an extracurricular excursion to Langridge Artist Colours and were lucky to have a private tour led by owner and colour-extraordinaire David Coles. David gave a two-hour talk on how pigments and paints were processed at Langridge along with colorful stories and career highlights, giving us the opportunity to see close-up how the industry works and to have some pressing questions answered by a professional colour wizard! SC@M also organised a fun and informal history and conservation tour of significant stained glass and lead light works in Melbourne. Different glassmaking periods and conservation techniques were reveled by Dr Browyn Hughes Geoffrey Wallace. The tour began at the Ian Potter Museum of Art on Swanston St, which houses the iconic Leckie window that Geoffrey had treated personally. We then visited the State Library to get an inside look into how the Shakespeare Window, one of the earliest stained-glass windows made in Melbourne, was restored and displayed. Scot’s Church followed, where the group took in the stunning window installations found within the cathedral, one of which was put back together the wrong way round – a challenge to seek out. Some of the lovely ladies at the entrance gave a personalised tour of their favorites, which was truly a special moment for everybody. Cathedral Arcade was our last stop and a great way to wrap up the tour as we learnt how the curved ceiling was installed and restored while gazing up at the highly crafted work. SC@M sincerely thanks Dr Bronwyn Hughes, Geoffrey Wallace and David Coles for their time and the valuable information they so generously shared.

Recently SC@M started its new round of popular extracurricular workshops held at the Grimwade Centre lab at The University of Melbourne. Our paper workshop gave students a look into valuable paper-related techniques – the Home-work ladies, Lara & Jess, showing students how to design and make screen prints, while paper conservator Peter Mitchelson revealed the art of mounting works on paper using Japanese tissue hinges. Our Ceramics workshop is next and will be conducted by conservator Penny Byrne and ceramicist Prue Venables. This one was a sell out last year and students are excited to see what Penny and Prue have in store for them.

SC@M are committed to providing fun, social and informative workshops and excursions to Cultural Materials Conservation, Curatorship, Arts Management, Heritage and VCA Fine Arts students and SC@M Alumni. Providing unique knowledge and interdisciplinary events that create personal and professional friendships. Please contact us if you have an idea for a workshop or event.