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AICCM National Newsletter No 143 September 2018

Join us at Melbourne Museum November 20-23 for four days of talks, panel discussions, seminars, posters, slide shows and tours.

We have presentations about community archives, First Nations artworks, stone papers, 19th century Indonesian Islamic manuscripts, 17th century Dutch maps, iron-gall ink, painted photographic panoramas, and more.

Our keynote presenters include Melbourne-based artist Patrick Pound, who creates complex arrangements and installations of objects drawn from his archives. Professor Libby Robin from ANU will talk about curating the Anthropocene, and Associate Professor Elizabeth Leane from the University of Tasmania will present her archival research into Antarctic expeditioner Sidney Jeffryes, as part of her revisitation of Antarctic narratives. Daniel Burge from the Image Permanence Institute will be presenting some of this recent research on photo-safe enclosures.

Early bird registrations cost only $495 (including GST) for AICCM members. After 30 September the cost goes up to $605, so don’t forget!

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the organising committee: Alice Cannon, Albertine Hamilton, Noni Zachri, Bonnie Hearn, Belinda Gourley, Ruth Shervington, Emily Keppel or Suzie Gasper.

Register for the conference here and for Friday events here