Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 139 September 2017
Tegan Anthes

A message from new convenor, Tegan Anthes of Preservation Australia.

I am very excited that I have been accepted as the new Preventive SIG Convenor. I want to thank Sarah-Jane Rennie for her long standing commitment and enthusiasm to the role over the last few years. I hope that I can provide as many engaging events and ensure that the Australian conservators keep abreast of preventive conservation and its developments.

I know that Sarah-Jane had a few ideas of professional development days and I hope that I might be able to incorporate them into a preventive conservation symposium in 2018. I am very interested in the membership input into topics for the symposium and areas of interest or knowledge that you might be willing to share through a paper or presentation. I know that there has been some great local research and the symposium should highlight our local knowledge and, if possible, expand to incorporate international visitors. I have created a short survey to better understand the interests of the preventive group. You can access the survey here. Please take the time to share your thoughts.

In addition to the symposium I will be establishing a WIKI as one of my first tasks. The WIKI will be set up to enable better communication among the group but also to share current research or relevant articles/ links to continue to develop our collective knowledge base. I would like to make this an active tool that is engaging and useful to the group but only with input from the group will it become a valuable resource.

For those of you that don’t know me I have always been interested in preventive conservation and have attended many of the symposiums organised by AICCM over the years. Plus attended conferences and international workshops when possible. I have developed my skills in risk management, disaster planning and recovery, preventive conservation specific to community museums and more recently sustainable environmental practice, but I am always looking to further my knowledge in all areas of preventive conservation. And in this way I am looking forward to embracing my role as Preventive SIG convenor.
The link to the Preventive SIG Survey is available here.