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AICCM National Newsletter No 136 December 2016

Current students and recent graduates are invited to join Emerging Conservators Australia.

We are a social group for new conservation professionals.  Our wish is to provide a supportive space that fosters ongoing learning opportunities, continuity of friendship and a sense of identity by connecting students, graduates and new professionals with the emerging and established conservation community in Australia.

We aim to serve emerging conservation professionals by:

  • Connecting them with each other, their community and the AICCM
  • Promoting training opportunities and AICCM activities
  • Increasing the involvement and representation of emerging conservators at AICCM conferences and symposiums
  • Easing the transition from student to working professional
  • Assisting the AICCM to enhance ways of serving new members

Over the next few months we aim to establish a calendar of events and programs that connects us to each other, to our community and to the AICCM national body.

We welcome graduates from all cultural materials conservation training programs in the greater Australian region.

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For more information, contact Frances Paterson: