Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 97 Dec 2005


  • Cannon, Alice. AICCM Website: Your questions answered.
  • Conservator of the Year and Student Conservator of the Year announced
  • Hadlow, Elizabeth. Review: Storage _ The Open and Shut Case. Preventive Conservation SIG Seminar, September 2005, Museum of Sydney
  • Hinton, Donna. Review. AICCM Objects SIG Symposium 2005: Polymers and Synthetic Materials, August 2005, Melbourne Museum
  • Howell, Alan. Research output targeted in three Australian digital preservation projects.
  • Lee, Alana. A European Experience in Conservation Science
    Murphy, Carolyn. Review: Working with Plastics Workshop, August 2005, Melbourne Museum
  • Obituary: Sophie Lussier.
  • Payne, Chris. Temple bells and fireworks _ Conservation in Taiwan.
  • People & Projects
  • Sawicki, Malgorzata. Review: ICOM-CC 14th Triennial Meeting, September 2005, The Hague