Employment Terms: permanent full time

Working Pattern 19 day month

Total Remuneration: $79,119 to $84,551*

*Total remuneration includes superannuation, as detailed below Base Salary $68,650 to $73,363

Superannuation: Employer contribution of 15.25%

Annual Leave:4 weeks annual leave, with leave loading

Long Service Leave: Long service leave applies after 10 years continuous service

The primary purpose of the position is to provide key support skills in administering and maintaining the QVMAG’s catalogue from a technical and data management perspective and to provide IT advice and training to QVMAG staff in relation to the Collections Management System(CMS).

Major tasks include import, export, and upload of datasets both to the internal CMS and external sites, data cleaning, mapping, and migration, and administering the online presence of the CMS through the QVMAG website.

Responsibilities also include the implementation and ongoing administration of a new database solution to support the cross-organisation sharing of information through a shared platform. The incumbent will provide system user support for all staff who use the CMS and assist the Registrar to develop and deliver training programs.

This position will also complete customisation and development of the new database system as required, or to liaise with external contractors on development work.

See attached information kit for full details and instructions on how to apply

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
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