Tegan Anthes, Tegan Anthes Consulting


Email: tegananthes@gmail.com

Phone: 0401695848

State: NSW

Conservation treatments and services offered: Books, Paper (art and archives), Archives, Photographs, Audiovisual (analogue or digital), Environmental monitoring, Education & Training, Preservation needs assessment plans and surveys, Technical analysis and examination, Disaster preparedness mitigation and risk assessments, Conservation documentation, Storage rehousing mounting framing and exhibition prep, Integrated pest management, Collection management

About me

I am a professional conservator with over 20 years expertise in adapting, collaborating and applying conservation principles within the smallest of budgets. I thoroughly enjoy working with the museum professionals and volunteers to establish parameters and recommendations that they can achieve. I strongly believe and value in empowering the community to preserve and care for our collective heritage, and look for opportunities to assist through training and knowledge sharing.

About the business

I can provide services in preventive conservation consulting including Preservation Needs Assessments, collection surveys, collection relocations, storage design, exhibition planning and installation, environmental monitoring, risk assessments, disaster planning and recovery.

Other conservation services

Conservation advice for paper and photographic collections