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We can help you find one. The AICCM directory of conservators in private practice lists over 65 members in Australia who are Professional Members of the AICCM and you can use it to find an expert in your region who is qualified to care for your art, object or memorabilia.

You can use the search terms in the box below to find a conservator who has expertise in the type of material or object you need help with.

Digital (data files, photographs etc) is a new field in conservation that is tackling the problem of preserving digital data. Frames refers to the conservation of frames—rather than making new frames for artworks. Objects incorporates the widest range of materials including ceramics, furniture, historical collections, metal objects, scientific collections, Indigenous collections, archaeological and antiquities collections, plastics and modern materials (to name a few). Outdoor cultural material and built heritage refers to outdoor sculptures and other artworks, as well as buildings and architectural sites.

The other specialisations listed below are Books, Paper (art and archives), Archives, Photographs, Audiovisual (analogue or digital), Paintings and Textiles.

As well as these materials-based specialisations, conservators provide services for public and private institutions, as well as for collectors focusing on the long term preservation of their collections. These services include environmental monitoring, education and training, preservation needs surveys, technical analysis and examination, disaster preparedness and risk assessments, documentation, storage and exhibitions, pest management and collection management.

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The AICCM does not accept responsibility for the work of any individual conservator.

Wilson, Kate

kate wilson conservation
Phone: 0421786508
State: Queensland
Conservation treatments and services offered:
  • Paintings

Zihrul, Doug

Strand Art Conservation
Phone: 02 9417 7874
State: New South Wales
Conservation treatments and services offered:
  • Paper (art and archives)
  • Archives
  • Photographs
  • Conservation documentation
  • Storage rehousing mounting framing and exhibition prep

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