Detail of the Régence frame on Nicolas Poussin The Crossing of the Red Sea (1632-1634) oil on canvas, 155.6 × 215.3 cm National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne  Felton Bequest, 1948 (1843-4)

AICCM – FRAME: Concept, History and Conservation, Melbourne 2016.

A symposium on the picture frame.

24-26 August 2016

Hosted by the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

The AICCM Conservation Framing and Gilded Objects special interest groups will hold this international symposium encompassing both traditional framing as well as broader concepts of framing for the presentation of modern and contemporary art and design. This wide-ranging theme will appeal to artists, conservators, curators, designers, frame makers and historians.

Our symposium will coincide with the exhibition Melbourne Winter Masterpieces 2016 – Degas: A New Vision. It is anticipated that some of our speakers will focus on the frames designed by Degas for his artworks, further enriching our understanding of the artist and his work.

Twenty speakers are anticipated and currently include prominent international experts Lynn Roberts and Dr Eva Mendgen, and Australian specialists Dr Malgorzata Sawicki, John Payne and Holly McGowan-Jackson. The draft program is available here.

The convenors of this symposium are Louise Bradley, Barbara Dabrowa and Holly McGowan-Jackson. Please contact Louise Bradley if you have any questions about this event: