Collaboration and Connections: Postprints of the AICCM Paper, Books and Photographic Materials Special Interest Group Symposium, Sydney 1-3 April 2004, pp. 87-92


Periodicals of Camera Work were published in the USA between 1903 and 1917, generally in quarterly editions with occasional special editions in some years. Each edition comprised articles concerning the photographic arts and featured photography of several artists. Each edition had been bound by link stitching of sections and attachment of a limp paper wraparound cover. The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) had a complete set of this valuable publication. However, the editions had been pulled down from their original bindings and rebound into annual collections. In rebinding, all edges (including covers), and in most cases the spine folds, had been guillotined and the pages restitched by overcast stitching on to sawn in cords and completed as case bindings.

The NGA wished to exhibit some of the collection but very poor leaf flow resulting from the rebinding made this extremely difficult. A decision was made to rebind the collection to allow safe exhibition. In doing so, it was decided to rebind them as individual editions as they had been originally. A methodology was developed that combined good leaf flow with bindings as sympathetically aligned with those of the originals.

3rd Book, Paper and Photographs Symposium, 2004
Paper author:
McPherson, Heather & Darryl