Collaboration and Connections: Postprints of the AICCM Paper, Books and Photographic Materials Special Interest Group Symposium, Sydney 1-3 April 2004, pp. 125-130


This paper describes two case studies. One illustrates how an ultrasonic misting technique was successfully used to consolidate the flaking paint layers of a rare, illustrated, 13th century manuscript Mihr wa Mushtari. The other study describes the condition and subsequent treatment of a painting previously left untreated due to the unavailability of a suitable treatment method. In 1984 the author was assigned to treat a 17th century Islamic miniature painting where the paint layer was flaking. Research into the treatment of similar items indicated that this problem had been addressed previously. The treatment record was not available, but it appeared that the consolidation process was done using gum arabic, applied with a fine brush. The results were undesirable: treated portions were darkened and disfigured. As no other suitable method was available, a decision was made to not actually treat the painting but to use preventive measures. A number of years later, Stefan Michalski of the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) developed an ultrasonic misting system that made it possible to consolidate flaking paint on such delicate items.

3rd Book, Paper and Photographs Symposium, 2004
Paper author:
Madani, Zubair Ahmed