A 17th century stumpwork panel in the National Gallery of Victoria’s (NGV) collection is currently being prepared for display. This paper briefly describes the history of stumpwork embroidery in England and gives a description of the NGV’s stumpwork panel, including the frame and backing board, in which it is housed. Analysis of the panel was used to understand the materials and technology used to produce the embroidery and its housing. The first part of the analysis uses wood identification, and the study of screw and nail technology to determine whether the frame and backing board are original to the embroidery. The second part of the research uses x- ray analysis to gain information on metal components in the panel and backing board, which are not always visible to the eye. Microscopic examination was used to produce photomicrographs and diagrams of the ten types of metal thread used in the embroidery

2006 Textiles Symposium, Adelaide
Paper author:
Kate Douglas