Contemporary Collections: Preprints from the AICCM National Conference 17th g 19th October 2007 Brisbane pp. 31-36


The luminous colour of a daylight fluorescent palette is an optical phenomenon that cannot be captured under normal photographic conditions. Fluorescence brightness is generally many orders of magnitude lower than that of reflected light. When photographing a daylight fluorescent painting under normal conditions, the reflected light masks fluorescent colour. Consequently, the photograph will appear to exclusively depict the reflected (nonfluorescent) component of each fluorescent colourant. The absence of fluorescence in the photograph results in a picture with hue alteration and lack of luminosity.

The aim of this investigation was to explore the use of appropriate filters to capture the fluorescent component of daylight fluorescent colourants. In this paper, the development of a standardised system for photographically recording a daylight fluorescent painting is presented.

2007 AICCM National Conference, Brisbane
Paper author:
Hinde, Elizabeth; Nel, Petronella; Sloggett, Robyn; Roberts, Ann