Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 136 December 2016

2016 has continued to be a busy one for events. In August Melbourne played host to the ‘Frame: Concept, History and Conservation’ symposium organised by the Conservation Framers and Gilded Objects SIGs under the wonderful guidance of Louise Bradley. October brought a busy time for Canberra as the Book and Paper SIG held their ‘Light, Colour, Structure’ symposium, quickly followed by ‘Revivify’ from the Paintings SIG. Thanks again to the amazing volunteers and organisations who brought these events to fruition: Louise Bradley, Holly McGowan-Jackson, Barbara Dabrowa, Prue McKay, Andrea Wise, James Ward, Alana Treasure, Celia Cramer, Jocelyn Evans, Janet, Sharon, National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Australia, National Archives, National Portrait Gallery, Australian War Memorial and Art and Archival. Hosting and organising these events is always an enormous undertaking and the AICCM National Council remains profoundly grateful to people who take on these tasks. Thank you.

Elections have been held for five SIGs. Congratulations to the successful candidates and an enormous thanks to all who nominated. The new/continuing SIG Convenors are:

Photon: Kelly Leahy and Noni Zachri
Exhibitions: Samantha Hamilton
Textiles: Tess Evans
Gilded Objects: Barbara Dabrowa
Conservation Science: Petronella Nel

An election for Book and Paper is underway at the moment; the outcome will be published via email to the membership at the end of November. Good luck to the nominees!

I’d like to use this opportunity to once again let members know I will not be standing for re-election to the post of Event and SIG Coordinator past November 2017. It is a fantastic role to have in the AICCM and if anyone is interested I’d be happy to give them more information about what it entails. Contact me on or 03 8341 7235.

Objects SIG

Objects has joined forces with Electron to start planning a symposium for February 2017 titled ‘The Shock of the New: Modern Materials, Media and Methods’. A dedicated committee, Karina Palmer, Helen Privett, Bronwyn Dunn, Di Whittle, Somaya Langley, Stuart Fuller and Gerald Priess, have been meeting monthly to make a great event for everyone interested in this diverse topic. The call for papers has closed and it is hoped a finalised program will be completed by the end of November with registrations opening in early December. We look forward to seeing lots of people in Melbourne in February! I’ll be retiring as Objects SIG Convenor once the symposium is completed, so we are looking forward to a flood of nominees to take the SIG forward from February 2017.