Our country, like others, is experiencing more frequent and more intense natural disasters. This session will revisit the devastating 2019 bushfires, discover how recovery networks are building, uncover the community response and look beyond the traditional response and recovery.

How we can respond better.

Jennifer Thompson – Bundanon and Bushfire.

In the summer of 2019-20 Australian experienced intense bushfire activity which impacted the Bundanon properties.  Existing emergency art relocation plans were implemented, however, as Bundanon became ringed by fire, it was clear that the enormity of the impending disaster required rapid adaption of existing plans and action. Jennifer and a small team of Bundanon staff members were onsite during this time to ensure the safety of the unique and valuable Bundanon Collections.

Scotia Monkivitch – Creative Recovery Network

Life is full of surprises, twists and turns that trip us up or enable growth and new opportunity. Our response to these challenges, as individuals and communities, is as varied as the context in which they occur.

Creative Recovery Network is building a network of creatives in every town, city and region ready to be activated to support us in the building of capacity for prepared, connected and activated communities. Arts, culture and creativity can open doorways for a resilient and connected future. We fight for, support and encourage laughter, dance, tears, music, touch, connection, stillness, participation, imagination and hope.

Art is a way of sharing stories, connecting, reducing isolation, making sense of and preparing for the unimaginable. All essential for preparedness and recovery.

Galleries and Museums play a critical role in the social and cultural lives of our communities, supporting wellbeing and strengthening a sense of identity and place.

In developing Risk Mitigation and Preparedness Plans where do we connect the people – the communities we live within, our visitors regular and incidental, the people who are truly the owners of our institutions?

Dr Dolapo Fakuade – Director of Resilespur Consulting.

Response and recovery to community-wide disasters

Response to past disasters and anthropogenic conditions suggest there is need for better cooperation between agencies, organisations and communities. However, lack of engagement between stakeholders and limited interactions with appropriate organisation peacetime continue to limit preparedness efforts and increase risks to collection. This presentation highlights the importance of external influencers, and raises awareness of measures taken by Christchurch Art Gallery (CAG) to strengthen disaster preparedness plan post-Christchurch quake sequence. Collaborative disaster preparedness measures implemented by CAG has since improved relationships with emergency response organisations, local and regional stakeholders. This session concludes with recommendations for a collaborative disaster preparedness arrangement ahead of future disruptive events and unanticipated crises.

Thursday 28th October 2021


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Jennifer Thomson

Jennifer Thomson – Bundanon Trust.

Jennifer Thompson is Collections & Exhibitions Manager for Bundanon, where she has worked for nearly 20 years. Her work includes managing the Trust’s collection and archive, conducting and facilitating research, developing and touring exhibitions, caring for the heritage precinct and providing physical and online access to the Collections.

Bundanon Trust – Bundanon.com.au

Scotia Monkivitch

Scotia Monkivitch – Creative Recovery Network

Scotia is currently Manager of the Creative Recovery Network, the national agency advocating for and supporting the role of culture and the arts in disaster management – preparedness, response and recovery. The Creative Recovery Network aims to gather, critique, develop and share the knowledge gained nationally and internationally for engagement of the arts in disaster recovery, along with developing tools and support for artists working in this field.

Creative Recovery Network- creativerecovery.net.au

Dr Dolapo Fakuade– Director of Resilespur Consulting.

Dr Dolapo Fakuade (Dolas) is a Crisis Management Expert. She is an Assistant Professor at Rabdan Academy; the Security and Safety Institution in the UAE, as well as visiting Professor at Universities in Australia and the United States of America.

Dolas obtained her MSc in Disaster Management from the United Kingdom and a PhD in Hazard and Disaster Management from New Zealand. She is a UNESCO ‘looking beyond disaster’ ambassador and a champion of ‘all things’ safety and security of the society. Dolas developed an EM capability development framework for Otago Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) in 2018. Dolas served at the New Zealand Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) working with the National Security Workforce team for 6 months. She was part of a special evaluation committee which required her emergency management expertise in reviewing response and recovery leadership processes for the country.


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