The Montefiascone Conservation Project has been running in Italy for thirty years. It was started to save the virtually derelict, valuable library collection of Seminario Barbarigo. From this the Book Conservation Summer School was born in 1992, 25 years ago, to fund and run parallel to the conservation project. It brings people from all over the world, raising awareness for the amazing medieval library collection, creates an international network and disseminates vital skills and knowledge. It is geared towards conservators around the globe interested in the conservation of books. Over four one-week courses, specialist instructors impart their wisdom against the backdrop of a medieval town. Once the courses are over the conservators return to whence they came, bringing with them new skills and knowledge to utilise, share and disseminate. 

This year the courses included: an Italian fifteenth century binding from the University of Cambridge Library collection (tutors Jim Bloxam, Shaun Thompson and Alison Ohta); an early 14th century Italian ledger binding held by the Newberry Library (tutor Scott Devine);and a traditional Ethiopian binding (with satchel) with a conservation variation (tutors Marco di Bella and Dr Nikolas Sarris). Here you will find my visual analysis of the structures and manufacturing methods as well as comments on conservation applications. This poster is the next step of my Montefiascone Experience- bringing the knowledge back to my conservation community and disseminating it in the hopes of growing the profession. 


Lucilla obtained her Masters in paper conservation in 2014. She worked at the State Library of Queensland as Exhibitions/Paper Conservator,then was the 2015/2016 Heritage Council Intern at Trinity College Dublin. Lucilla currentlyis the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Paper Conservator. She received the 2017 Nicholas Hadgraft Scholarshipto attend Montefiascone. 


2017 AICCM National Conference - Collaborate Connect Conserve
Paper author:
Lucilla Ronai