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Pest Risk and Preventive Conservation Theory The majority of this document was created by the Australian Museum's Collection Care and Conservation team.What is a pest? A pest is a living organism can cause damage to a material or structure. Any animal not acting as a pest but within the space may be an indicator of


Preventive Conservation SIG

Information, Resources, Links, Papers, Presentations and Posters grouped by topic preventive conservation SIG wiki under development please excuse current lack of detail Disaster Planning and Recovery Be Prepared Manual  Light and UV Canadian Conservation Institute Lighting Notes  Pollutants Hatchfield, Pamela. 2003 Pollutants in the Museum Environment. Practical strategies for problem solving in design, exhibition and storage. Archetype

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Environmental Guidelines

Environmental Guidelines Project Within the museum industry sustainable and affordable collection management practices have emerged as a leading priority for collecting and lending organisations. In recognition of this ICOM-CC and IIC published in 2014 the joint statement, Declaration on Environmental Guidelines. The AICCM Interim Temperature and Relative Humidity Guidelines for storage and display conditions was included

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Environmental Guidelines Project

PROJECT DESCRIPTION In 2014 IIC and ICOM-CC drafted and published the joint statement, Declaration on Environmental Guidelines. The statement broadly addressed the issues of museum ‘sustainability and management’, ‘environment’, ‘loans’, and ‘existing interim guidelines’. The Environmental Guidelines Taskforce for the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM) had earlier that year submitted to

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Preventive Conservation

Preventive conservation is any action that reduces the damaging effects of environments on collections and cultural heritage. Actions can include simple strategies or formalised policies, procedures and guidelines that identify and delay the deterioration of collections. The AICCM Preventive Conservation Special Interest Group aims to provide members with a support network including, but not

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