This award was sponsored by Professor Emeritus Colin Pearson to acknowledge an AICCM member or research team who has undertaken substantial research in the field of material conservation, and who has shared this information within the national and/or international material conservation profession via the AICCM Bulletin.

Holly McGowan-Jackson, Senior Conservator of Frames and Furniture, National Gallery of Victoria

As Senior Conservator of Frames and Furniture has been a leading contributor in art historical frames research in Australia. In collaboration with conservation and curatorial colleagues at the National Gallery of Victoria, Holly has led the development of the Centre for Frames Research (CFR) which is committed to research into original frames and publishing frames information on-line via the NGV Frame and Frame Makers database and through gallery didactics.

In addition to sharing on-line research, she has published in both popular and peer-reviewed journals including The Bulletin. Her commitment to conservation research is further supported by her involvement with GOC-SIG as both the Chair and co-organiser of several events

Holly McGowan-Jackson accepting the Colin Pearson Award

Sabine Cotte

Sabine has been an active researcher throughout her professional career. In addition to balancing the demands of managing a successful paintings conservation practice, Sabine has undertaken independent research focusing on the treatment of Tibetan thangka and more recently conserving public art. A listing of her publications, can be found below and here.

Her research engages the ethical frameworks and social outputs of practice as well employing comprehensive technical analysis, exemplifying contemporary conservation practice. She works with local artists and local communities, providing access to the strengths and values that a conservation-based approach provides, to create shared community outcomes. Her work has been underpinned by a strong collaborative approach well before ‘collaboration’ and ‘participatory engagement’ became a thing.

She has published extensively nationally and internationally, sharing the work of Australian conservators with such publications as Studies in Conservation, ICOM-CC and the South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion.

Since 2015 she has published three articles in the AICCM Bulletin, most recently as a joint publication with conservator Nicole Tse and art historian Alison Inglis titled ‘Artists’ interviews and their use in conservation: reflections on issues and practices’.

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