Invited speakers Sarah Cove and Alan Cummings and Artlab’s Eugene Taddeo enjoying a rush of childlike pleasure from handmade ice-cream at the symposium dinner

Revivify: The 14th AICCM Paintings SIG Symposium, 2016

Robyn Victory
2016 Graduate, University of Canberra, B Heritage, Museums and Conservation

AICCM SIG symposia are events that students and new graduates like myself revel in. They provide an opportunity to grab a snapshot of the expertise and activities present in our chosen specialisations, and move amongst those who have done it all.  The 14th AICCM Paintings SIG held at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra last month satisfied all these criteria.


We conserve paintings and painted surfaces of western-style easel paintings, indigenous Australian paintings and a range of contemporary art