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Reconstruction of cloth case bindings

James Elwing ran this workshop at our premises in Lawson for the NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders, assisted by Jill Gurney. We announced it as ‘A Conservation split board re-backing workshop’. Students were to learn a method of re-backing case bindings to maintain the appearance of a case, while creating effectively an ersatz library binding

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William Robinson Research Project

A significant QUT and Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) collaboration to research the technical art history and conservation treatment of William Robinson’s paintings was begun in November 2014 with the two year appointment of paintings conservator, Sophie Theobald Clark to the project.   William Robinson (b 1936) is a highly respected

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Corrosion analysis of the Leichhardt nameplate

The Leichhardt nameplate is the only known artefact from Ludwig Leichhardt’s lost 1848 Australian expedition with a corroborated provenance. David Hallam, senior conservator at the National Museum of Australia, discussed the scientific analysis of the Leichhardt plate as part of the Ludwig Leichhardt series held on 15 June 2007. Read the transcript or download the audio of David's

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Queen Victoria’s ink

From the late Middle Ages until the early twentieth century, iron gall ink was the favoured writing and drawing ink in the western world. Most often used on paper or parchment (a writing material made from animal skin), it was indelible compared to earlier inks such as carbon, bistre and sepia. Its use ranged from

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Symposium: Technical Drawings and their Reproductions

Workshop: Conservation of Transparent Paper Organised by Restauratoren Nederland, 6-9 October 2014 As soon as I saw this symposium and workshop advertised on the Cons Dist List, I knew ‘somebody’ from work had to go, so I put my hand up to do a presentation at the Symposium and applied for one of the eight

Symposium: Technical Drawings and their Reproductions2019-10-30T16:25:22+11:00
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