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Archival Survival: your partner in preservation

Archival Survival provides a large range of archival quality storage products to museums, galleries, libraries and archives. We are an Australian-owned company, with over 80% of our product range being made or sourced in Australia. Our standard catalogue items cover most requirements while our made-to-order service allows us to convert high quality raw materials into customised storage solutions.

Our made-to order service includes:

  • Library of Congress-approved DuPont™ Melinex® (polyester) sleeves
  • Boxes in various styles including solander boxes and storage boxes using NAA-approved corrugated board, solid fibre board or polypropylene
  • Folders in a range of designs including four flap folders, document wallets, manilla folders and map folders
  • Polypropylene and polyethylene sleeves
  • Paper and Tyvek® envelopes
  • Custom sheeting of archival barrier papers, tissues and boards

We are also agents for University Products and Talas in USA, and can supply items on special request.

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