Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 135 September 2016

SA/NT AICCM Division: Tintype photography workshop

On cold Saturday in July a small group of enthusiasts gathered at Artlab Australia to learn basics of Tintype photography. The workshop, run as a SA/NT AICCM Division activity was presented by Adelaide photographer Andrew Dearman. A brief discussion of the history of the technique was brought to life through examining historic and contemporary plates brought in by Andrew and participants. In a hands-on workshop where participants worked together to produce several Tintype plates. It was great to see the technique in action and as a non-photographer it was eye-opening to realise that the Tintype process doesn’t simply reproduce an image into black & white. The blues tend to become lighter whilst orange and red are seen darker. An interesting thought when interpreting historical images and making assessments on the colours of clothing or hair (that raven haired beauty may in fact have auburn tresses!)