We are seeking Expressions of Interest for a Web Manager position. Over the last couple of years we have expanded and developed our online presence and are now ready to engage a Web Manager in an ongoing capacity.  

Carole Best and Meg Ellis have worked hard in developing and maintaining the website, but now Meg has found herself a full-time job and Carole, after three years in the voluntary position, needs a holiday in the Carribean.

The Web Manager is responsible for content development and maintenance of the AICCM website, the delivery of four digital newsletters annually, and the upkeep of two social media channels.

This position is being offered initially as a 6-month contract of maximum 12 hours per week, with view to an ongoing part-time position.


  • Sourcing, aggregating and developing content for the AICCM website and social media platforms.
  • Liaising with the National Council, the Secretariat, and with membership to communicate online requirements and content delivery.
  • Working with the Secretariat to promote and distribute AICCM content across relevant platforms, including social media.
  • Maintaining and building relationships with online participants and external partners.
  • Logging bugs, fixes and support requests with the website developer and managing issues through an online project management tool.
  • Production of online content for the National Newsletter and digital delivery of the National Newsletter using Mailchimp four times per year.
  • Applying sound judgment on content and editorial issues within the AICCM’s guidelines and policies.


  • Contribute to strategies for the enhancement of AICCM’s digital engagement.
  • Support the development and implementation of related communications policies and strategies (audience interactivity, content and engagement) across relevant platforms.
  • Attend and participate in the AICCM annual face-to-face meeting where strategic and business plans are discussed and reviewed.
  • Assist in coordinating one-off projects as required such disaster liaison during major cyclones, floods or bushfires, and the biennial National Conference.
  • Advising National Council on digital development needs to ensure AICCM maintains currency in its digital communications.


  • Demonstrated ability to write and sub-edit copy and produce content in a style suitable for multiplatform.
  • Demonstrated skills to produce and develop online content to a high standard using a consistently creative and lateral approach.
  • Experience with using Drupal Content Management System (CMS) or other CMS, along with a basic understanding of html.
  • Experience in using Mailchimp or similar digital marketing software.
  • Experience in using image-editing software to prepare promotional web-ready images, and an understanding of copyright and rich-media attribution rules and guidelines.
  • Demonstrated ability to liaise with a range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Interest in the promotion of Australian conservation and an understanding of its audiences along with the ability to reach and engage those audiences.
  • Understanding and knowledge of conservation practice and industry and its relationship to museums, galleries and the preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Proven project and time management skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work co-operatively and flexibly with minimum supervision in a not-for-profit organisation.


  • Source and upload professional development events. 
  • Maintain news slider on AICCM web home page.
  • Source new contributions to web pages including SIG activities, Things we conserve, Visual Glossary and professional development events.
  • Respond in a timely fashion to requests for content changes and updates
  • Coordinate and circulate the National Newsletter EDM using Mailchimp in cooperation with the Newsletter editorial committee.
  • Source and curate contributions for the AICCM Facebook page and Twitter in accordance with the social media strategy.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers from AICCM membership for additional support on social media.
  • Ensure contact details across website are current and website links up-to-date.
  • Check and update broken links, respond to web enquires as needed.


  • Source, aggregate and develop content for the AICCM website and social media platforms.
  • Implementation of the AICCM digital communications strategy.
  • Network and liaise across a diverse range of organisations and individuals in order to promote the work and values of the AICCM.
  • Assist with the updating and implementation of the AICCM’s social media strategy and policy.


Reports to:

  • Publications Officer
  • National Council

Co-ordinates with:

  • Secretariat
  • President and Vice-President
  • Awards Officer
  • The Bulletin and National Newsletter Editors
  • Membership Officer
  • Administrator/ Bookkeeper

Liaises with:

  • Special Interest Group convenors
  • Advertisers
  • Position-holders, as listed above
  • External stakeholders

Positions that report to this role:

  • Volunteer social media officers


Rate of pay: $25 per hour with a cap of 12 hours per week. Applicants must have a valid ABN and will need to submit a monthly invoice and timesheet for hours worked.

The AICCM does not have centralised office premises. This is a work at home position and work can be completed flexibly to suit the Contractor. The position is a task-oriented one, and AICCM fully expects the applicant to have other clients. The incumbent must have access to a computer and Internet connection.

Reimbursement for use of phone and Internet can be invoiced monthly.

The current Web Editor will provide technical training.

For more information: contact Carole Best on 0409 393 712 or email

Applications should include a CV, two referees and no more than 2 A4 pages addressing core skills and experience outlined above.

Please forward applications via email to 

CLOSING DATE: 5pm, 30 October 2015


Download Job description [pdf]