For safe long term storage and display of cultural objects and collections, its really important to use the right materials. The National Archives of Australia provides some great resources to help you choose the best products.

  • Choosing the right paper: This page explains the differences between papers and the impacts the wrong papers may have on your display and collections.
  • Preserving photocopies and laser prints: This is a summary of the different technologies used in creating photocopies and laser prints and includes a practical recommendation section.
  • Archival quality paper products: Lists the manufacturers who produce paper and board products that meet the National Archives of Australia specifications for archival quality paper and board products and are approved to use the NAA’s ‘Q Infinity’ trademark in association with the product.
  • Register of certified archival quality products: This page lists all products approved to bear the National Archives archival quality paper trademark. These products have been rigorously tested and identified as being of high archival quality. It includes a list of suppliers.