Newsletter Issue Number:
AICCM National Newsletter No 157 April 2022
Bella Lipson-Smith

The AICCM Development Committee is ramping up its activities in the lead up to the AICCM’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. The Development Committee aims to identify, secure and manage financial and in-kind support for AICCM activities that contribute to the development of the profession, the capacity of its members and the preservation of cultural materials.

To this end, we are looking at a number of funding opportunities, including sponsorship and grant opportunities that may align with AICCM’s objectives. For example, the Committee is currently preparing an application for the Government’s Women’s Leadership and Development Program grant, due 21 April. The proposal is for a community-led conservation program, building on the successful strategies used by the Grimwade Centre and AICCM in Bathurst, with the aim of connecting with local council and cultural groups across Australia to meet their preservation needs, foster opportunities for emerging conservators, and create significant leadership roles and mentoring for women in line with the grant’s guidelines.

The Development Committee welcomes comments from AICCM members on this application, and any other suggested opportunities or development approaches that could help us achieve our aims.

Get in touch by contacting the Development Officer, Bella Lipson-Smith