Towards a flexible future: managing time-based media artworks in collections
Organized and hosted by The Art Gallery of New South Wales
Workshop Dates: Tuesday 4th June – Friday 7th June, 2019 
Workshop Description: Time-based media art is inherently variable and cannot be adequately supported by traditional collection management procedures. New ways of thinking and working must be forged in art museums. National standards and systems are needed for a coordinated, cohesive and formalised approach to the care of time-based art media collections. 
The aim of this workshop is to create a collaborative networkby enabling institutions to come together to address the acquisition, display and preservation of time-based media artworks. This workshop will address the unique nature of time-based media artworks and support museum professionals in the development of and advocacy for holistic collection management and preservation strategies. 
The 4-day workshop schedule includes group sessions, lectures, roundtable discussions and practical sessions. Speakers from a range of institutions will lead sessions on the following topics:
• History of media-based art and contemporary artcollections in Australia 
• Identification and cataloguing time-based media artworks
• Acquisition processes
• Legal documentation 
• Introduction to technical identification 
• Installing time-based media artworks and the true cost of display
• Working with artists
• Developing a time-based media lab 
• Digital and physical storage 
• Digitisation of obsolete carriers 
• Working collaboratively and interdepartmentally 
• Advocacy
Workshop cost: $1000 plus gst per institutional application (2 attendees)
This workshop is open to groups of two applicants frominstitutions/organisations that have time-based media art collections. Both representatives must be working or will be working with a time-based media art collection. Attendees from different departments are invited to attend and curatorial participation is highly encouraged. Enrolment is limited to ten institutions/organisations. Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate an institutional commitment to the development of collection management and conservation processes within this area.
How to Apply: 
Applicants should each submit a one-page CV, a joint letter of interest and a joint letter of institutional support, along withanswers to the following questions in a separate document:
1. Overview and description of TBMA collection
2. Total number of works in TBMA collection
3. Total number of TBMA works also considered installation
4. Total number of TBMA works with analogue or digital media components
5. How many TBMA works does your institution acquire per year on average? Please provide statistics from the last five years. 
6. Based on your current understanding and knowledge, what do you think are your greatest collection needs? 
Deadline for applications is 25th January 2019. 
Please send all applications to time-based art conservator, Asti Sherring
Successful applicants will be notified by early February 2019.