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AICCM National Newsletter No 145 March 2019
Jennifer O'Connell

Welcome to the first edition of the E-News for 2019. We hope members are enjoying the latest edition of the AICCM Bulletin (Vol 39), which has now been released. If you have chosen the environmentally friendly option of online access only, please remember to log in via the website and catch up on the latest articles. This edition was dedicated to Professor Colin Pearson and has many articles related to research presented at the 2017 AICCM National Conference.

Environmental Guidelines

At the December 2018 National Council meeting the document titled ‘AICCM Environmental Guidelines for Australian Cultural Heritage Collections (2018)’ was formally ratified. The guidelines expand upon the 2014 document entitled ’AICCM Interim Temperature and Relative Humidity Guidelines for Acceptable Storage and Display Conditions’. At the same National Council meeting the Heritage Collections Council Guidelines for Environmental Control in Cultural Institutions (2002) was also formally endorsed. This significant document was the work of Professor Colin Pearson and his colleagues working as the Consortium for Heritage Collections and their Environment.

AICCM National Council would like to acknowledge the work of Amanda Pagliarino, Co-ordinator of the Environmental Guideline Project, and past members of the Environmental Guidelines Taskforce. Read more about the current progress of the Project here.

AICCM Events

I recently attended the AICCM Preventive SIG and Sustainable Collections Committee ‘Managing Risks to Collections’ conference in Melbourne and it was excellent. Based around ten agents of deterioration, the conference was three full days of papers and panels, as well as trade stands and poster submissions.

Some of the highlights of the conference for me were hearing about the wonderful work on sustainability in the lab being undertaken at the Grimwade Centre, revision of disaster plans following the devastating earthquakes in Christchurch, and the approach to loans for exhibitions between different collection environments.

Deakin Downtown provided a beautiful space for the conference and delegates enjoyed a tour of the art on display in the venue.

If you are interested in attending a conference this year, the ‘Frames: Concept, History and Conservation Symposium 2’ will be held in April in Sydney, and AICCM Vic Division is busy planning the National Conference for November 2019 in Melbourne. I highly recommend attending an event and have heard wonderful feedback from the Textiles SIG Symposium, which was also held in February. Please check the events page for upcoming conferences:

Professional Membership Eligibility

At the last National Council meeting some changes to the assessment criteria for Professional Membership were passed. These changes will come into effect in the November 2019 application round. A notice detailing changes will be sent to members. Please ensure to check these if you are applying this year. Professional Membership provides many benefits to members, most importantly being included on the ‘Need a Conservator?’ webpage. The next round of applications closes on 29 April 2019.